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Scientific papers, like all other sorts of writing or creative expression, are covered by copyright. Copyright grants a lot of sweeping rights to the writers of a paper, or the producers of any creative work. Often, those rights get signed away to a publisher or a distributor, but they are still there and enforceable by law.
You can copy a 'fair' amount for your own private study, research or critical review. Although fair is not defined in US law, the following points must be kept in mind: • any copying must not impact on the commercial interests of the rightsholder • only one copy can be made • you must limit the amount copied to only that which you require • you must not pass your copy on to anyone else.
The amount you are able to copy is limited by the legal concept of fair dealing. Copying the whole work would not generally be considered fair dealing.
This generally means that you will need to identify the author, artist or creator of the work, and the title or some other identifying description of the work that has been copied. This is good practice for research in any case.
You may ask a library to provide you a copy of any type of copyright work, regardless of the medium in which it has been recorded.
This exception only applies to non-commercial research so it is very unlikely to apply to research done by a company.
Beauty and health products are subject to intellectual property law in the US. Product names are generally protected by trademark law even though the name is not covered under copyright law. Slogans can also be protected by trademark. The specific combination of ingredients used in your beauty product can be protected under patent law even though the ingredient list itself is not subject to copyright protection.
Cosmetics, shampoos, makeup and other beauty products are subject to copyright in two key ways. First, they are protected by copyright law so that others cannot use copyright-protected material from the beauty product without permission from the copyright holder. Second, beauty products must comply with copyright law and cannot make use of any copyright-protected material that belongs to another copyright owner without first obtaining permission.
In the US, although originally extended to written works, copyright law now covers almost all forms of creative output, including commercial items like advertising copy, product photos, packaging illustrations and websites. Images used on your beauty product, such as a photograph of a model shampooing his hair or an illustration of a woman on a beach applying lotion, are protected by copyright and cannot be used by anyone else without permission. Video and music used in product advertising is subject to copyright. Similarly, text on the beauty product itself or on product flyers, advertisements or inserts is also copyright-protected.
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