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All about how to Copyrighting your work. What is Copyright. Berne Convention. How to Copyright your Youtube Video, literary, dramatic, design, musical or artistic work. What is protected by Copyright. How to get Content ID protection to your Video. How long does the copyright last and others 100s of easy to understand articles in one place. Copyright your work online and get instant protection. Copyright.Online the official copyright service.

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First, the ‘Upload Work’ section requires from the copyright owner to enter the name(s) and title of the work in the order that he/she wishes to appear on the registration certificate. As a second step, the copyright owner can choose the uploading file and drop it in the corresponding upload box.
Copyright.online uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encrypts all private information, as it is transmitted over the Internet for authentication. i. All information submitted will only be used in the function of providing, maintaining and monitoring this service. ii. All client details, registered works or registration details are considered confidential and except where legally required, (i.e. by court order or Police investigation), will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent. iii. Client details will never be passed onto other companies, mailing lists, etc. iv. All electronic back-ups of works are encrypted, to ensure they cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. v. All personnel dealing directly with client details are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
It is recommended to use third-party copyright registration because it provides solid evidence of registration of the owner's work. it proves that the agency retains a genuine copy of the owner's work and removes the doubt of possession of the work from the date of registration. It provides extra security to the work of the owner.
Copyright.online offers different prices to individuals and companies in order to best meet their needs. The initial price is £29,99 (VAT included) and it increases according to the client’s needs, number of works and other customer facilities. For a more accurate price click the following link.
Copyright.online is a copyright company itself and therefore it only uses secure servers for its clients and has DMCA protected the storage space for them. In addition, it is important to note that our team of experts has no access to each client’s online account and its related content for all the period that the copyright owner is enabled to access it.
Our clients have complete control over their account settings, namely, they decide which of their details and works’ information should be public or not.
The registration process consists of filling a simple form with your personal details (as copyright owner) in order to generate your digital certificate and personal Copyright. online account.
It is recommended to upload the final work with all the connected material.
No, the real name is compulsory for the registration process, but you can include your pseudonym or pen name in brackets.
Yes, an agent can register on behalf of the copyright owner. It is quite common, particularly among solicitors, for an individual or company to act as an authorized agent and register work on someone else’s behalf.
The copyright owner has up to 7 days from the registration to upload the file containing his/her authorship work and obtaining his/her digital certificate. After the 7 days expire, it is no longer possible to upload any file and therefore any related certificate will be provided.
Yes, after the registration process, a secure online account will be created for you. According to the length of time of the chosen service with Copyright.online, you will have access to your account by entering your username and password.
Copyright.online accepts Paypal and credit card payments.
You can review your uploaded material by logging into your personal account.
In this case, Copyright.online provides you more MB of capacity for your account according to your needs and upon the payment of an extra fee. Similarly, if our clients intend to copyright more works with Copyright.online, they have to pay an extra fee to obtain more allowance.
He/she can order a duplicate certificate, either, online or through postal services.
Just like any other asset, copyright may be transferred or sold by the copyright owner to another party.
As the agent is the account holder, all correspondence will be sent to him. It is their responsibility to pass on registration certificates and pertinent information to his clients (the copyright owners) where required. (He may wish to include a management fee in the price he charges his clients to cover his time and expenses.)
Yes, it can be transferred to the owner later if the client (the copyright owner) wishes to remove the registration from the agent's account into another account (i.e. if they get another agent to deal with registration or wish to manage this themselves) this would require a registration transfer. There is an administration fee for the registration transfers which would be applicable for such transfers.
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