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Fill out, pay, and job done! We’ll do the rest. You will be prompted to create an account, or to login to an existing account once you have filled out the registration form. To access the form, either navigate there via one of a number of buttons prompting registration throughout the site, or for a direct link, please click here.
Yes, we do. Please create your account using your own details, but fill in the form on behalf of your principal, using their details.
No, it does not. However, we recommend a prompt upload, primarily so that you don't forget to do so at a later date! We will not begin work from our end on your submission until the relevant file has been uploaded. This is because the U.S. Copyright Office only considers an application complete when a copy of the work being registered has been made available.
File upload is done after payment is completed. At this point, you will have the opportunity to change the uploaded file as many times as required until final application form confirmation is given. Once this is done, however, it will be impossible for you to change the uploaded file. If a mistake has been made at this stage, please contact our customer support team immediately. There may still be a opportunity to update your file. However, no guarantees can be made. As such, please make sure that the file on our servers at the time of final confirmation is the correct one.
No! All Copyright Office filing fees are included in our service. The only exception to this is special handling. if you require special handling, an additional fee will be applied to your application.
Yes, but only if you are a valid claimant to the work. This means that all economic copyright interests have been transferred to you.
No; copyright registration is only available for authors or claimants. Registration is a public declaration of ownership, and may also be used for licencing purposes. As such, it is important that only people with a direct copyright interest, or someone acting on behalf of such a person, submit an application.
If you have 10 or more works that you would like to register at the same time, or within a short period of time, please contact us to discuss custom pricing.
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