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Protect Your Copyright Now
A copy of your work and certificate are kept on our secure servers.
Yes. Our servers are encrypted with the latest security standards (AES-256). As we deal with unpublished works (i.e. works not yet accessible to the public), security and confidentiality is a primary concern of ours.
Our system is very robust, with several backup stages. Your work will not be lost.
The maximum individual file size is 1GB. Please contact us if your needs are more complex.
Copyright Online supports all common file types used by writers, graphics designers, video editors, engineers, and more. Your work will almost certainly be supported. If you have any issues, please contact us.
No. You may do so, but you may also do this at a later date. The certificate will merely be generated later, when you upload the work.
Yes. This is something which our clients regularly do, and is encouraged particularly in the case of artistic or literary works with an extended design process (for example, paintings, patterns, and novels), but is useful for every work. Remember: the more evidence of a design process, the stronger your proof of originality in a work..
There is no set minimum or maximum resolution. However, in order for the image to be useful, the original elements of the image must be clearly visible.
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