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All about how to Copyrighting your work. What is Copyright. Berne Convention. How to Copyright your Youtube Video, literary, dramatic, design, musical or artistic work. What is protected by Copyright. How to get Content ID protection to your Video. How long does the copyright last and others 100s of easy to understand articles in one place. Copyright your work online and get instant protection. Copyright.Online the official copyright service.

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No, it cannot be copyrighted because the photograph is not original and it is a mere presentation of painting.
Only additional photographs can be added as an update, but for all new projects, a new registration is required.
Yes, as it is his work. he owns the right of using his work according to his will.
It is simple and affordable. They can submit a collection of photographs at a nominal fee.
It would still be considered as copyright infringement. The owner can demand compensation.
The photographs must have some differences in capturing the object, otherwise, it can be considered that the first one who clicked the picture influenced the other and therefore the latter copied his work.
The owner cannot use photographs protected under copyright for reporting current events without obtaining the permission of the respective copyright owner. The exception applies to the use of all other types of copyright materials, but not photographs.
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