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All about how to Copyrighting your work. What is Copyright. Berne Convention. How to Copyright your Youtube Video, literary, dramatic, design, musical or artistic work. What is protected by Copyright. How to get Content ID protection to your Video. How long does the copyright last and others 100s of easy to understand articles in one place. Copyright your work online and get instant protection. Copyright.Online the official copyright service.

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Computer programs and other types of software are considered literary works for copyright purposes. Therefore they receive automatic protection without the need for registration.
If the software is created under the employment contract, it is normally the employer that owns copyright, if not agreed otherwise. Software created on a freelance/commission basis will by default belong to the creator, but check your contract/agreement as ownership and IP rights should be covered in the terms of the work being carried out.
The owner of software can register it for copyright, anyone who has created in his own right as this is his automatic right as the creator of the work.
The source code of the software.
An encrypted file is expected to submit the source code.
No, other people's work can only be registered after their due permission.
Yes, the owner can change or update his work after registration. New versions of the work can be added at any point as registration updates as his work evolves. In fact, it is common for writers to first register a draft or synopsis and add more complete versions as the work evolves.
It is important for site owners to secure the evidence that registration provides so that the owner has proof of the content of its website.
The term literary copyright covers a wide range of items; It is not just works that are regarded as literature in the everyday sense, such as books, poems, plays, and scripts, but anything that is written, spoken or sung, and includes works such as computer software.
It can be registered at any point of time since it's existence. it must be registered before forwarding it to any third party. A registration is evidence of the owner's work from the date of registration (this is the earliest time that we can verify the content of your work). If he is making speculative submissions of his synopsis or draft to publishers for review or consideration for a contract, he should ideally register prior to this as he will not necessarily know-how company is or how they will use his work.
A website should be registered before it is published online or is seen by untrusted parties, to ensure that proof of content is available as early as possible.
A work may be registered at any stage of development, and as it evolves new versions of the work can be added at any point as registration updates. Using this method the author gains independent evidence of the evolution of the work overtime and can retrieve copies of any or all versions registered if needed.
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