Australia Copyright Laws

Australia Copyright Laws

In Australia, copyright law is set out in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). This is federal legislation and applies throughout Australia. The Commonwealth Attorney-General administers Australian copyright law.

Although the Copyright Act dates from 1968, it sets out how copyright applies for material created both before and after that date. The Copyright Act has been regularly amended since 1968, to bring it up to date with evolving technologies and concerns. In addition to dealing with copyright rights, the Copyright Act also deals with performers’ rights and the “moral rights” of individual creators.

In many cases, Australian courts have had to decide how the Copyright Act is to be interpreted and applied. Therefore, if you want to know how copyright law will apply to a particular situation you are facing, you will generally need to be aware not only of what is in the Copyright Act but also of how courts have approached the issues and interpreted the Act.

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