Terms of Service & Legal Notes

This website is operated by Global Copyright Agency Ltd (‘Copyright Online’/’We’/’Our’/’Us’), a company registered in the United Kingdom (13503710). By using this website, you (‘You’/’Your’) accept these terms of use, and agree to enter into a binding agreement with Copyright Online. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, you must not use this website.


Copyright Online provides a number of products. The specific services relating to each product are outlined below.

We commit to provide the following upon a completed sale of the relevant product:

Works Package

The works package will allow you to upload your works to our servers. Upon upload, your work will be hashed and permanently linked to an external reference framework. This serves as evidence of your work existing in a particular state, at a particular time. Once this process is completed, a certificate is generated, which attests to the registration. This certificate will be made available to you in digital form via a URL link. A physical copy may be requested by contacting us, for an additional fee.

The certificate itself serves as evidence that an independent service verified the existence of your work in the registered form at the registered time. This should be sufficient for minor disputes. However, where more robust evidence is required, you can request that we provide more extensive documentation detailing our specific processes. This may be requested by contacting us, and would attract an additional fee.

U.S. Registration Package

The U.S. Registration Package functions as a conferral of agency on Copyright Online for the sole purpose of registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Upon submission of the work to the U.S. Copyright Office, and our confirmation to you of completion, agency is immediately and irrevocably severed. All further communication between the Copyright Office and you will take place directly. You may request that we subsequently assume the role of agent by contacting us, however, this would attract an extra fee, and we are under no obligation to accept as a result of engagement of our services through this package. A subsequent assumption of agency would constitute a separate contractual arrangement.

You will be solely responsible for the provision of accurate data in the provided fields. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for any issues arising from data which was incorrectly submitted by you.

This service does not include error-checking, and does not constitute an assurance by us that your application will be successful. The U.S. Copyright Office uses its own criteria for acceptance of a registration, and by engaging this service, you acknowledge that a risk of rejection is present with any application. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for a refusal of registration by the U.S. Copyright Office.

The relevant U.S. Copyright Office filing fee will be added onto your due payment for this service. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this fee, however, if the fee paid does not match with the U.S. Copyright Office’s fee, we may require additional payment to reach the correct figure. This is highly unlikely to occur, however, if it does, you will be notified promptly, and given the opportunity to either make up the difference, or request a full refund.

Payment and Refunds

We primarily process payments and refunds via third party services. Currently, these services include debit and credit card payments via Stripe and Paypal. You may access their respective terms here https://stripe.com/en-gb/checkout/legal and here https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full. Where an individual or organisation has engaged our services outside of our standard packages, for example, where a custom quote is provided, we may also accept BACS transfers and cheques. Payment is due upon registration following the selection of a package.

Our refund policy differs between packages:

For the ‘Works Package’, following registration, you have a 14 day cooling-off period, where you may request a refund, provided you have not yet uploaded a work. Once a work is uploaded and processed, a certificate is generated, and made available for download. Once this takes place, you may no longer request a refund, as the service will have been completed.

For the ‘U.S. Registration Package’, you have a 14 day cooling-off period, where you may request a refund, provided you have not yet submitted your form. Once your form is completed and submitted, it will be promptly processed and submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. Once you submit the form to us, you may no longer request a refund, as the service will have been completed.


Copyright Online is a lodging and agency service. We do not operate as a legal advice service. The information on this website is available either for educational purposes, or to facilitate correct engagement with our services. We take steps to ensure the accuracy of the information available, however, it should not be used as actual legal advice, nor as a substitute for legal advice. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for any consequences stemming from relying on the information we provide as such.


All material on this website, with the exception of that provided by third parties, is the intellectual property of Copyright Online. You agree that the material on this website is made available to you solely for your own personal, non-commercial use, and that its availability is limited to the extent that it is required for your good faith use of this website and its services. All moral rights are asserted.

Right to terminate use

You agree that we have the discretion to terminate your use of this service at any time, and for any reason, with or without notice, as well as refuse future access to the service.


If any of these provisions are deemed unenforceable, that provision alone shall be severed, and its severance will not affect the enforceability or meaning of the remaining clauses.

Governing law

These terms should be read in light of the law of England and Wales. The Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matters relating to these terms.

Should you have any questions regarding these terms, or any other aspect of our website or services, please contact us via email: [email protected].