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You can begin registration by clicking on ‘Start Here’ at the top-right of most of our pages. Alternatively, click here.
This varies by category of work, however, for most categories, the number is five. Photographs have a higher limit. Please contact our support team if you have specific questions about your albums or portfolio.
You can view any content you have uploaded through your once you have signed in..
Yes, we do. Please declare that you are acting as an agent when creating your account. In some circumstances, we may require evidence of agency.
Yes, it can be. Please contact our team, who will be happy to assist you. As per the above, please declare that you are acting as an agent when creating your account.
No; registration and content management are separate. Once registered, you are free to upload at your leisure.
Yes. Intellectual property rights can be sold, assigned, mortgaged etc. just like any other property right. Once evidence of a transfer of rights is submitted, the certificate can be transferred to a new party. An administration fee would apply. Please contact the support team for more information.
It is up to you. You will have full control over the public visibility of your work. By default, nobody can see your work. You will, however, have the option to make it publicly visible, in which case it will be displayed on its own page.
Yes; you will receive an email one month in advance of your package expiring.
You can find our current pricing on our Packages & Prices page.
Your data and certificate will be held for a grace period of one month, after which time, it will be deleted.
Yes, however, we will require your full name as well. It is suggested that you register with your full name, and put your pseudonym in brackets.
Upload processing and certificate generation will take up to 24 hours, however, the registration time will show the precise time at which you uploaded the work.
Unless you are acting as an agent for the copyright owner, no; you must own the economic rights to the work.
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