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All about how to Copyrighting your work. What is Copyright. Berne Convention. How to Copyright your Youtube Video, literary, dramatic, design, musical or artistic work. What is protected by Copyright. How to get Content ID protection to your Video. How long does the copyright last and others 100s of easy to understand articles in one place. Copyright your work online and get instant protection. Copyright.Online the official copyright service.

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No, the owner should submit copies of the work as evidence of the content of his creations and not send the original artwork. His submission simply needs to be adequate to record the nature, content, design of his work, and what actually submit will depend on the type of work he has registered.
Artwork plans or designs produced or stored electronically; Technical drawings, plans or designs on paper/printed materials; Physical artwork, paintings, drawings, etc.; 3D work like sculpture, jewelry, etc.
The owner should simply ensure that the resolution is high enough to clearly show the content that the owner seeks to register.
JPG/ JPEG is mostly recommended.
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