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All about how to Copyrighting your work. What is Copyright. Berne Convention. How to Copyright your Youtube Video, literary, dramatic, design, musical or artistic work. What is protected by Copyright. How to get Content ID protection to your Video. How long does the copyright last and others 100s of easy to understand articles in one place. Copyright your work online and get instant protection. Copyright.Online the official copyright service.

Copyright Work Now
Copyright.online is an online copyright registration service which primarily provides you a digital copyright certificate for your original work, and also, an encrypted storage space where you can keep your material secure. Accordingly, our team of experts assists individuals and companies to protect their authorship works from infringement and misuse.
After you register, for each work that you upload, Copyright.online provides you a digital certificate proving the date and the work’s ownership.
Compared to other governmental or private online copyright services, Copyright.online provides you not only a fast, simplified and affordable online copyright registration, but also a secure encrypted storage space to ensure you the best evidences of ownership for your original works.
Copyright.online uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encrypts all private information, as it is transmitted over the Internet for authentication. i. All information submitted will only be used in the function of providing, maintaining and monitoring this service. ii. All client details, registered works or registration details are considered confidential and except where legally required, (i.e. by court order or Police investigation), will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent. iii. Client details will never be passed onto other companies, mailing lists, etc. iv. All electronic back-ups of works are encrypted, to ensure they cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel. v. All personnel dealing directly with client details are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
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