Copyright Online is an online copyright witness registration and advice service. We provide work registration certificates and general advice to our clients. Our experts have many years of intellectual property rights management experience.
Our team of experts helps individuals and companies enforce their intellectual property rights. We provide you with a digital certificate of your original work. This certificate independently verifies the existence of your work at the date and time of registration and upload, and can be used to help enforce the rights you hold over your work. Our verification systems are rigorous, and utilise several methods, including blockchain registration, to ensure the usefulness of our certificates.
Copyright witness is a term which describes a third party independently corroborating that your work existed in a particular format, at a particular time, in case clarification is required in the event of a copyright dispute. This corroboration primarily involves being able to produce a copy of the work, and a record of when precisely it was lodged. The reliability of the copyright witness is very important. Our methods are the most robust available, and therefore, our reliability as a copyright witness is of the highest standard.
Any copyrightable work. The most common registered works are artistic works (paintings, logos, drawings etc.), literary works (books, articles, essays etc.), and audiovisual works (films and videos), however, there are many others. .
For works fixed in a non-digital format (e.g. sculptures), clear images of the work from several angles will suffice.
We have legal expertise on our team, but Copyright Online does not represent outside parties directly in legal disputes. The verification documentation we provide would have to either be submitted yourself, or via counsel.
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